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Foreigner Work Permit |Foreigner Work Visa In China

China Work Visa (Z)

Chinese work visa, or Z visa, is issued to foreigners who are going to China for a paid job offer or to undertake commercial entertainment performances in China.

To put it simply, China will "encourage the top, control the middle and limit the number of lower skilled foreign workers" since year 2017. All foreign workers will be split into three categories - A, B and C, according to a point-based evaluation system.

Classification Criteria:

A (Foreign High Level Talents)
1. Selected in the domestic talent introduction plan
2.In line with internationally recognized standards of professional achievement
3.In line with market-oriented to encourage the job requirements of foreign talents
4.Innovation and entrepreneurial talents
5.Outstanding young talents
6.Above 85 Points

B (Foreign professionals)
1.Bachelor Degree or Above, 2 Years and above Related Work Experience and Meet Other Requirements at the same time
2.With international general professional skill qualification certificate or technical talents in urgently and badly needed
3.Foreign Language Teachers
4.The foreign talents who’s average wage income is not lower than quadruple of local last year’s average wage income.
5.Specialized personnel and project implementation who conforms to the provisions issued by the relevant state departments.
6.To 60 Points

C (Foreign Ordinary Personnel)
Meet the domestic labor market demand, Foreign nationals engaged in temporary, non-technical or service work in accordance with national policies, Meet Certain Requirements at the same time Below 60 Points.

Basic Requirements for Foreigner’s Work Permit Application:

Employers must,
1. Be legally established, without record of severe illegal or lack of credit;
2. Employ foreigners for specialized posts that comply with national regulations, when no suitable Chinese candidates are available;
3. Pay foreigners at no less than local minimum wage standards;
4. Obtain approval needed by industrial management departments according to laws and regulations.

Applicants must,
1. Be aged over18,in good health, Have no criminal record, have a definite employer in China, and have the necessary professional skills and knowledge;
2. Must apply for positions that are much needed in China and facilitate China’s economic development;
3. Comply with laws or regulations about foreigner’s work in China.

Documentations Required for Foreigner’s Work Permit Application:

1. Application form for Foreigner’s Work Permit;
2. Job qualification certificate;
3. Medical certificate(except for foreigners who already have a valid residence permit);
4. Employment contract, employment certificate , or government authorization letter;
5. Passport, Visa or valid residence permit;
6.Certificate (diploma) of highest academic degree or relevant vocational qualification certificate;
7.Non-criminal record certificate.


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